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Steamed glass panel to depict a sauna environment

Campaign message made appear that it was handwritten on a misty glass panel

Secondary message

Company logo

Hero Product

Communication Hierarchy


  1. Headline

  2. Hero Product

  3. Secondary Message

  4. Company logo

  5. Environment



The concept on the key visual is make it interactive and make the audience intrigued on the message without confusing them. While it is clear, because of the assigning of a hero product in the visual, that this is a sauna product ad, the overarching concept to this campaign is fleshing out a USP without hard selling. The word "STEAM" is written in bold to emphasise that having TyloHelo products right at the comfort of one's home place of leisure makes life more interesting, more healthy, and more fulfilling.

It is rendered cleverly in a manner wherein text becomes visual and having it front and centre on most of the campaign materials. It is made to appear that it is written on a misty glass panel to establish a sauna environment.

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